Please pray for the election this Saturday. Pray for God to appoint a leader who will govern wisely, so that Christians are able to live peaceful and quiet lives; are able to freely evangelise; and are also able to make decisions of conscience without being prosecuted. Pray for a leader who will restrain the disintegration of family life, and private morality in his legislation. Pray for a leader who is willing to make an unpopular and effective stand against abortion and would legislate to greatly reduce the number of unborn children who are killed each year in Australia. 

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Please pray for two Christianity Explored courses planned to start over the coming week. There are five guests signed up for Sunday afternoon and one guest on Weds evenings. Please pray for their eyes to be opened to know and trust in Jesus. Pray for God to bring more guests along who don't yet know Jesus Christ.

Please pry about the political situation in Syria. Pray for the international community to show restraint and wisdom in response to the chemical attacks on civilians. Pray for action to be taken that would effectively restrain the hand of violent men. Pray for the strife and insecurity to lead many people to look for refuge in Jesus Christ, and abandon false Gods. Pray for a swift and lasting peace and stability in the whole region.

Posted on September 4, 2013 .