Praying for the Jazz Night

Jazz Night.jpg

Please pray for the Jazz night coming up this Sunday. Pray for all the preparations to go well. Pray for it to be sold out. Pray for lots of people who are not christians to come. Pray that Tim would preach really clearly, faithfully and lovingly. Pray for a whole bunch of people to come along to Christianity Explored.

Please pray for our Christianity Explored Groups. Pray that we might be able to start up three groups over the coming weeks. Pray for leaders to be really committed to their groups, and to serve their members really well. Pray for group members to really enjoy learning about Jesus and that God would be opening their eyes to see who he is, and to learn to follow him. Pray for folk to be born again. 

Please pray about the civil war in Syria. Pray for both sides to restrain themselves from needless violence and atrocities committed against their own people. Pray for the huge tensions and anger between different political groups to settle. Pray for forgiveness and reconciliation on the ground between different warring factions. Pray for a return to law and order and safety in the streets. Pray in particular for the protection of Christians from violence.

Please pray our Sunday Meetings. Pray for folk to come on time. Pray for new folk to be warmly welcomed and to come back and join the church. Pray for us to be really attentive to God’s word as we sing it, speak it, and listen to it. Pray that God would be at work through them to convert people, and to make each one of us more and more like Jesus.


Posted on August 22, 2013 .