We are going to be starting up something called 3 at Unichurch. The idea is that we get together in 3’s to pray for one another on a regular basis - it might be fortnightly or monthly. Please pray that God would work powerfully in each of these groups to transform us and to reach the world.

Pray that everyone at Unichurch would join in and we would be a praying congregation from top to bottom.

Please pray for Melbourne Uni CU Summit. Pray for Rob Miller as he prepares the main talks, and for all the other folk leading seminars. Pray for folk to be converted there, and people’s lives to be transformed by the power of the Spirit.

Please pray for the Staff at Unichurch and St Jude’s. Pray for us to be eager, willing servants of Jesus and his gospel first and then servants of you. Pray we would devote ourselves to the ministry of word and prayer, with our aims focussed on producing eternal fruit.

Pray for folk doing exams this week too. They are no fun.


Posted on June 26, 2013 .