Praying for our ministry


Please pray for members of Unichurch who are involved in other ministries at St Judes. Pray for folk helping at the estates and in youth and children’s ministries. Pray that God would give them time and energy to serve in this way. Pray that through their service the gospel would go out and be heard and received. Pray that their service would bless and grow the whole church family.

Please pray for our colleges ministry. Thank God for the two bibles studies that are up and running. Please pray that we might be able to also help folk in Trinity, Whitley and International Hall to run bible studies in their colleges. in particular it would be great of we could help run Christianity Explored on site in these colleges. Finally please pray for God to give us someone to replace the irreplaceable Sarah Sugars when she heads off to the UK in August.


Posted on June 17, 2013 .