Pray without ceasing.jpg

Please pray for people at Unichurch to keep living for Christ wholeheartedly in the midst of exam pressures and deadlines over the coming weeks. Pray for people to trust Jesus and not to worry or stress too much. Pray for students to give a really good account of themselves in their work.

Please pray for our outreach at Christmas time - that St Judes would run a number of really engaging, well organised events where the gospel is clearly preached and heard. Pray that God would fill the church many times with guests, and pray for many to come back to find out more.

Please pray for NTE in December. Pray for strong attendance from unichurch. Pray for students to be powerfully transformed by the power of God’s word. Pray for missions running before and after to be effective and bold.

Please pray for the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. Pray that western governments would take responsibility to help people whose lives have been destroyed, because of their involvement in the politics of another nation. Pray for a swift ceasefire and a political solution to the problem. And pray that Islamic militants would not be able to use the instability and insecurity in the region to gain power.


Posted on October 30, 2013 .