Please pray for our annual conference this coming weekend, where we will be listening carefully to the scriptures tell us how we can know our God. Please pray we would all engage deeply with God through his word. Pray that he would be opening our eyes to see him much more clearly. Pray for us to be overwhelmed by awe and wonder and godly fear at his holiness; for us to be astonished, broken hearted, and everlastingly joyful because of his grace. Pray we would learn to love our glorious God with all our hearts. Please pray particularly for Tim as he leads the main teaching sessions. Pray also for Kris, Tracey and others as they take key roles in  organising the weekend.

Please pray for short term missions folk will be involved with this summer. Pray particularly for those going on beach mission. Pray that Jesus would be clearly proclaimed through people opening and teaching his words the bible. Pray for God to bring folk along to these missions and to save them by teaching them to believe in Jesus. Pray for prayerful, careful, safe preparation.

Please pray for the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. Pray for an end to bloodshed, and an unwillingness to pursue political ends by violent means. Pray for both sides to meet around the negotiating table and for a power sharing agreement to be implemented. Pray for an end to the loss of civilian life.

Posted on October 2, 2013 .