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Please pray for people at Unichurch to keep living for Christ wholeheartedly in the midst of exam pressures and deadlines over the coming weeks. Pray for people to trust Jesus and not to worry or stress too much. Pray for students to give a really good account of themselves in their work.

Please pray for our outreach at Christmas time - that St Judes would run a number of really engaging, well organised events where the gospel is clearly preached and heard. Pray that God would fill the church many times with guests, and pray for many to come back to find out more.

Please pray for NTE in December. Pray for strong attendance from unichurch. Pray for students to be powerfully transformed by the power of God’s word. Pray for missions running before and after to be effective and bold.

Please pray for the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. Pray that western governments would take responsibility to help people whose lives have been destroyed, because of their involvement in the politics of another nation. Pray for a swift ceasefire and a political solution to the problem. And pray that Islamic militants would not be able to use the instability and insecurity in the region to gain power.


Posted on October 30, 2013 .


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Please pray for folk at Unichurch to become more and more like their Father in heaven. 2 Cor 3 says this: "we all with unveiled faces, seeing the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another..."  Please pray that that in response to all that we learnt at Octocon, we would be people who know our God deeply. And furthermore as we know and see his glory, that we would be transformed into his likeness. 

Please pray for Rob Miller as he takes over as Campus Director of Melbourne Uni CU. Pray that Rob would lead the CU in a way that is pleasing to God. Pray for him to be filled with spiritual wisdom and understanding from the scriptures to do this. Please pray that under his guidance the CU would do a great job of reaching students who do not know Christ with the gospel, and would see many coming to faith. Please pray for ongoing relationship and cooperation of both CU and Unichurch, to the mutual strengthening of both ministries. 

Please pray for the "March for Babies" that is happening this Saturday in Melbourne in protest against the legal killing of 80,000 unborn children each year in Australia. Pray that more people attend that march than babies were aborted last year in Australia. Pray for political wisdom from the different pressure groups to push for a change in legislation, to limit the number of abortions in Australia.


Posted on October 10, 2013 .



Please pray for our annual conference this coming weekend, where we will be listening carefully to the scriptures tell us how we can know our God. Please pray we would all engage deeply with God through his word. Pray that he would be opening our eyes to see him much more clearly. Pray for us to be overwhelmed by awe and wonder and godly fear at his holiness; for us to be astonished, broken hearted, and everlastingly joyful because of his grace. Pray we would learn to love our glorious God with all our hearts. Please pray particularly for Tim as he leads the main teaching sessions. Pray also for Kris, Tracey and others as they take key roles in  organising the weekend.

Please pray for short term missions folk will be involved with this summer. Pray particularly for those going on beach mission. Pray that Jesus would be clearly proclaimed through people opening and teaching his words the bible. Pray for God to bring folk along to these missions and to save them by teaching them to believe in Jesus. Pray for prayerful, careful, safe preparation.

Please pray for the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. Pray for an end to bloodshed, and an unwillingness to pursue political ends by violent means. Pray for both sides to meet around the negotiating table and for a power sharing agreement to be implemented. Pray for an end to the loss of civilian life.

Posted on October 2, 2013 .



Please pray for those involved in bible teaching at St Jude's. Please pray particularly for those teaching the bible in our public meetings and our small groups. That they would faithfully teach God's word - without misrepresenting or editing the truth. Pray also that they would be clear, engaging communicators, who apply the word well to our current situation. Pray that those in leadership would themselves be obeying God's word before they teach it to others.  

Pray for the St Jude's missions month. Please pray that we would raise the $80,000 target we are aiming at to support our 11 mission partners. Pray that many folk would be moved to pray regularly for our mission partners. Please pray also that numbers of people at St Jude's would be encouraged to go off to the mission field themselves.

Pray also for our Christianity Explored Courses. There are currently 3 (and a half) courses on the go. One in Janet Clark Hall, one on Sunday evenings, one on Tuesdays for International students, and another 121 course on Wednesdays. Pray for folk to become Christians through them.

Posted on September 19, 2013 .


Please pray for the election this Saturday. Pray for God to appoint a leader who will govern wisely, so that Christians are able to live peaceful and quiet lives; are able to freely evangelise; and are also able to make decisions of conscience without being prosecuted. Pray for a leader who will restrain the disintegration of family life, and private morality in his legislation. Pray for a leader who is willing to make an unpopular and effective stand against abortion and would legislate to greatly reduce the number of unborn children who are killed each year in Australia. 

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Please pray for two Christianity Explored courses planned to start over the coming week. There are five guests signed up for Sunday afternoon and one guest on Weds evenings. Please pray for their eyes to be opened to know and trust in Jesus. Pray for God to bring more guests along who don't yet know Jesus Christ.

Please pry about the political situation in Syria. Pray for the international community to show restraint and wisdom in response to the chemical attacks on civilians. Pray for action to be taken that would effectively restrain the hand of violent men. Pray for the strife and insecurity to lead many people to look for refuge in Jesus Christ, and abandon false Gods. Pray for a swift and lasting peace and stability in the whole region.

Posted on September 4, 2013 .