Chapter 4 is a bit of a turning point in Ephesians. Having spent 3 chapters telling the Ephesians who they are, and what God has made them through Jesus, Paul now starts to tell them the difference this makes in their day to day lives. And he uses a powerful image to make his point: “Put off your old way of life, and clothe yourselves with the new self”. I don’t know if you have ever thought of your way of life and your character as clothes that you need to take off or put on. My four year old son is currently learning how to take off his old clothes and put on new ones...and he finds it really difficult. How much harder will it be for us to take off a life, and put on a new one. So here is a thought to encourage you. Paul says this: “clothe yourself with your new self, created in the likeness of God.” The new self you are putting on is not just any old self - it’s a new self that looks just like God; that behaves as he does; that loves what he loves; and hates what he hates. So here is a question to think about - would you be willing to trade in your old life and character and get back a life and a character that looks just like God’s? If the answer is yes - then you should enjoy this Sunday.

Posted on July 1, 2014 .