Have you ever wished that Jesus would speak directly to you? Did you know that in Mark 13, he does? Listen to what he says to you: “And what I say to you I say to all: “Stay awake.”  When Jesus says “all” here, I guess that means you and me as well. 

"STAY AWAKE!" Your whole eternal life depends on it. What happens to you on the Day of Judgement depends on it. Heaven or Hell depends on it. Nothing else matters by comparison to this: your life, your friendships, your exams, your family, your job, your house, your health, your possessions, your money, your body. Nothing is as important as heeding this command from Jesus. Because  the day will come suddenly, when Jesus appears as Judge of the whole earth. And this is Jesus way of saying, “make sure you are ready for that day”. So are you? Are you awake? Are you alive to God? Could someone look at your life and see Christ in it? Clearly. These are the questions we will be thinking about on Sunday. Life is too short not to answer them. After all history could end tomorrow ...couldn’t it?


Posted on April 10, 2014 .