This Sunday we meet God in the courtroom again, opening the eyes of the world, as he proves to them that he is God. And this week he calls his star witness - his servant, his people. And imagine the shocked gasp in the courtroom as God's star witness steps forward and we discover that he is also blind and cannot see, just like the rest of the world. He does not understand that his God is God. How is this witness going to help the rest of the world see when he himself cannot? 

This is the scene from Isaiah which will unfold on Sunday. And we'll find out that God will fulfil his purpose for his servant - even though he is blind - he will open the world's eyes through him. So come along, ready to have your own eyes opened to see that your God really is God. And be prepared to be given a job by him, to be called by him as a witness to tell the world who their God is. And if that all sounds a bit terrifying - don't worry God promises the most extraordinary helper in this task.

I'm up for it. Are you? 

Posted on September 4, 2013 .