One of the great idols of our age is the God “Nothing” or “No-one”. If you were to ask the powerful institutions of the western world, “Who made the universe? Who governs it? Who holds it together?” The official answer would be, “No one. Nothing. That’s who.”

This religion is very credible. It has a strong thought-through epistemology along these lines, “The only things that are true are things that can be demonstrated by scientific method. Which proves that our god Nothing is the real god, and that he made everything.” It has also produced strong results. Over the last 60 years the god Nothing has delivered extraordinary technological advance in medicine and industry. And to a large extent in the western world the god Nothing has also delivered peace and security. It is therefore a very powerful and credible ideology.

In Isaiah 40 the God of the bible asks us to choose between the god Nothing and himself. He says that actually He is the one who created the universe. He is the one who governs it and sustains it. And He asks us to make a straight comparison between himself and the god Nothing. And to decide who we think really is God. So imagine for a moment standing in a room with the God of the bible on one side, and Nothing on the other side. Who would you put your trust in?

I think the answer is obvious. So does Isaiah 40.


Posted on August 8, 2013 .