God vs Idols Episode 1. Sunday 6.30pm. Presented by Steve Sonneman.

Imagine a courtroom drama that looked like this. On one side of the room was God, with his people in front of him. On the other side of the room are some statues, with people from all over the world in front of them. And the big question in the courtroom is who is God?  And what happens next is extraordinary.

God makes his opening speech and says, “Let me prove that I am God. I am announcing in advance that I am going to rescue my people - I will bring them back home from Babylon. But understand this: if thats what happens, then you all will know that I am God. That I control history, and I control the fate of nations.”  

And then God turns to the statues, the other gods, and asks them to do the same thing, “Tell us something that is going to happen, so that we can see that you are gods too - do something good or bad.” And at that moment there is a deafening mute silence in the courtroom. Welcome to God vs Idols Episode 1: Isaiah 41. See you there on Sunday.


Posted on August 15, 2013 .