A Highway for our God


God’s rescue is geographical.

That may not immediately make you think “Wow, how amazing!”. Especially if you spent any length of time studying geography. But actually it’s a really big deal. In Isaiah 40, God makes a promise that he is going to rescue his people who are scattered all over the world, and bring them on a highway back to his city Jerusalem. And he promises to flatten every obstacle that gets in the way, and that “he will carry us in his bosom” all the way there. Its a beautiful promise. Have you ever thought of your life in those terms? On a journey with God to his everlasting city - the new Jerusalem?

Do you remember going on holiday with your parents as a kid and staring out the window in the back seat at the world flashing past you? And do you remember the question you used to ask your parents every five minutes  - “how long til we get there?” - cos you just couldn’t wait until you arrived. When was the last time you asked God the same question?

Isaiah 40. This Sunday. Bring it on.



Posted on August 1, 2013 .