Why bother coming?


Coming to church on Sunday is really important. It’s quite easy to treat church a bit like going to the cinema or going out with your mates. Sometimes fun, sometimes entertaining, and sometimes boring....so why not only go sometimes? But it’s nothing like going to the cinema or the pub. Its much more like going home:  a time when you get together with your brothers and sisters - and listen to your Father speaking to you. Let me say that again - it is a time when God, your Father, speaks to you with all the almighty love and affection his heart contains. That is nothing like going to the cinema.

This week we are going to hear from John 14 about how God gave his son to die for you so that he could give you his Spirit. That's what he was willing to do so that he could be with you. This is something extraordinary. So come along this Sunday and listen to him tell you what he has done for you.

See you there.


Posted on May 10, 2013 .